Gerald: A Life Changed – For Good

“I’ve been a really troubled person—since I was 16 years old,” Gerald says, his voice dropping to almost a whisper as he looks back on a life of turmoil and desperation.

“My father passed away from drinking,” he admits. “And my problem is mostly drinking—imagine,” he shakes his head. “I mean, it’s crazy, just to realize I was an alcoholic son.

“The alcohol plays tricks on you. You’re thinking you’re okay, then the next thing you know, you’re stumbling down the street.” Then Gerald looks up and says, “Alcohol also tells you that nobody cares.”

But with God’s grace, Gerald found caring, hope and freedom from his disease at the Rescue Mission.

“If I hadn’t, I don’t know where I’d be now,” he says. “Just . . . drinking.” This is why Gerald is so grateful for the new life he’s finally experienced, thanks to your Christ-centered support.

“It’s such a blessing, knowing I don’t have to worry about a drink. It gives me chills!” he says. And it is his newfound faith that has made that possible. “I got baptized and I was shedding tears—tears of joy! It’s a powerful, overwhelming feeling.”

And it’s a feeling that runs even deeper at this time of year filled with such hope and promise. “Here they have Thanksgiving, people come in, bringing families and kids, turkey is served and we’re helping!” he smiles.

And Christmas? “I was here at Christmas, sitting there enjoying myself like a kid all over again because when I was young, I didn’t.” Imagine: a childhood without Christmas—the holidays with no place to lay your head, no kind words to hear, no hot meals served . . . and no hope in anything.

But your help provides for all that and more this holiday season, and Gerald’s thanks go out to you for sharing God’s grace with hundreds just like him . . .

“God is so beautiful,” he says. “God is so powerful, God loves us and I like to draw, so I draw hearts like these . . . because He is so amazing!”

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