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“Food, shelter, clothing – and getting in touch with God!” – Michael

A wonderful, real-life transformation you help make possible…

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“This is definitely where God wanted me…” – Theron

During his time in jail, see how you gave Theron new hope…

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“I thank God for everything I’ve received!” – Michael

See a Life Changed This Christmas!

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“This is a God-given place and can change your life!” – Donny

See how you’ve helped transform his life this Thanksgiving!

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“It means a lot to know there’s a place for me here” – Jaymo

As we look ahead to the end of summer, and with fall finally on the horizon, know how crucial your support has been during these difficult months behind us—and how excited we are to be looking ahead with you!

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Transforming Lives Together – THANK YOU!

With everything that’s happening in the world and our community right now, this summer is looking less like vacation time and more like a time of significant challenges—

Which is eve more difficult if you’re already struggling to keep a roof over your head . . . or the virus pandemic is making it hard just to feed your family . . . or you’re a senior struggling to pay the utility bills to keep your home cool while still trying to keep food on the table on a small fixed income.

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Restoring Hope this Easter with YOUR Help!

There’s no time like Easter for feeling hopeful—it is the very point and purpose of celebration of Christ’s sacrifice—and our Salvation in Him that first Easter Morning! But our redemption is even more joyful because we are called to join Him in sharing His HOPE here at the Rescue Mission to those in need—and who need to know Him.

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Transforming Lives for 128 Years Because of Friends Like You!

It was an incredible 2019, with thousands served and lives saved and changed with support like yours for our neighbors in need. Thank you again for all you help make possible for those the Lord leads through our doors on a bitter winter day—or any day or night, all year long— and please also remember this ministry we share together in your prayers!

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You’re Making this an Unforgettable Thanksgiving!

It’s autumn in New England—one of the highlights of my year, as I’m sure it is yours. And as we look ahead to sitting down and saying grace for God’s bounty this Thanksgiving, I’m filled with anticipation at how many lives God will bless at the Rescue Mission . . . And I want you to know that’s because of the partnership and prayers from faithful friends like you who help make this such an unforgettable season of changing lives in Christ’s name.

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“It’s Such a Blessing that You Give!” – Rich

As the summer winds down, I want to express my gratitude for your support for this vital ministry to your neighbors in need during these hot days for so many across western Massachusetts. Of course, all our efforts are possible because of this family of friends you’re such an important part of, who help make it all possible at the Rescue Mission.

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“This is a Beacon of Hope” – Rollie

It’s May, it’s springtime in Western Massachusetts and summer’s right over the horizon . . . And in this special Ministry Report issue of EXPECTATIONS, you’ll see how important you are in reaching an incredible number of lives, whether with life-sustaining meals, nights of shelter, basic essentials provided free to those most in need or through comfort and counsel in Christ.

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Celebrating Hope this Easter Because of You!

There are far too many hungry, hurting people who need your help now to feel the love and hope of the Lord . . . and the kindness of someone like you who cares. So rejoice this Easter with your family of friends, supporting the mission and ministry of the Rescue Mission in our community, celebrating the resurrection of Christ and the HOPE you are sharing with so many this Easter!

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