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The Reader’s Digest recently highlighted a list of ‘ridiculous excuses people used to get out of work,’ including an employee who called in because “bats got in her hair,” and another who “broke his arm reaching to grab a falling sandwich.” 

Sometimes showing up is hard work – especially when it means addressing matters of the heart. Many people want to leave an inspiring legacy, but they’d rather avoid actually building one.  

According to author Bill High, true legacy is “building intentionally into others with a vision for the future instead of choosing the course of least resistance.” It starts by: 

1.  Cutting through excuses. Many people don’t create a Will or talk to their families about important topics because they assume it will all just work out in the end. Getting serious about your legacy means you may have to push past the excuses holding you back. 

2.   Being intentional. Just like creating an estate plan requires getting your affairs in order, leaving a true legacy means you tell your loved ones what you believe, how special they are to you, and why you support organizations like Springfield Rescue Mission.

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