After hitting rock bottom of Clinical depression, Andres found help and hope here: “I never saw myself being at the Rescue Mission, ever. I had a good career and what I thought was a good relationship with the Lord, which I didn’t know was broken. But today, I’m trusting that He’s going to keep opening doors, and that’s where I am!”

andres jan 2017After Andres got his bachelor’s degree and was working successfully as a high school Assistant Athletic Director, he thought he had everything he needed . . . until the bottom dropped out of his life when he was suddenly laid off.

“I lost my job. I lost an incredible relationship. And I spiraled out of control into serious depression,” he says. “I remember locking myself in my room. I wouldn’t go out,” he recalls, shaking his head at the isolation he left.

But with God’s grace, Andres heard he could find refuge at the Springfield Rescue Mission and started putting his life back together again, faith first: “I began doing what I should’ve all along, which is trust in the Lord.”

Andres also began serving other neighbors in need, starting with cooking in our busy kitchen. “I love it!” he says, “I get to give back.” That’s crucial for people like Andres, shattered by mental issues and addiction. “There are a lot of broken men here, like me, who need help thay can’t get on their own,” he says. “This place provides the environment to do just that.”
Now he’s taking his next step forward by moving beyond our doors to work with youth. “I have a heart for the community,” he smiles. “And I’m getting to do what I love: ministry to kids.”
Andres is grateful for hearts like yours that made his fresh start possible. “The love shown to the men here is something that’s certainly appreciated. I don’t think many people realize the effect you have on our lives. We feel loved, and we’re cared for by people who love the Lord!”

Thanks for making a loving difference for those coming to us for Christmas help and hope!

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