Anthony went from desperation and loss to total transformation thanks to your support for men like him, whom God loves and brings here to save and change!

“I was a complete disaster,” Anthony says, shaking his head at the memory of how far he’d fallen, how low he’d landed. “I lost everything. I lost my home, I lost my family.

Drugs had replaced them all. “It was a nightmare,” he admits. “And it makes me feel disgusted. I didn’t realize how many people I affected while I was on drugs, until I saw my sister crying or my younger brother crying, or my stepfather, seeing him cry for me. I was like, ‘Wow. I really hurt people. Look what I’ve done,’” as tears spring into his eyes at the suffering he’d caused.

“But you don’t realize any of that when you’re caught up on the drugs,” Anthony says. “It was rough. It was hard.” and like so many others who hit rock bottom after burning all their bridges, there was nowhere left to turn for help but here.

“I was in a car accident, and my sister told me, your season is almost up. You have to get out of this.’ And my mother said she’d heard about this place—the Springfield Rescue Mission . . .”

“That was when I said, ‘I have nothing more to lose,’ so I came in,” and the Lord transformed him.

Amazed, Anthony says, “Through God’s grace and His love, I’ve had a life-changing experience!” That is the point and purpose of this ministry, especially at the holidays, when suffering and struggle are felt even more intensely—and hope is most longed for.

“The holidays here? It was so great!” Anthony smiles in gratitude. “They had a big dinner at Thanksgiving for everybody—for the homeless, and even for us in the Men’s New Life Program. For Christmas too!” he beams.

And it’s all thanks to the commitment and care you express through your gifts and prayers.

“My mom is so proud of me now,” Anthony says, wiping the tears away. “She never thought she’d see this day, and that can be a little overwhelming. I’ll say, “All right, mom?” and she’ll stare at me and say, ‘Oh, my God. I can’t believe it.’” Today, Anthony smiles and praises God in his heart for making transformation possible through this ministry we share in Springfield.


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The goal of the Springfield Rescue Mission since 1892 is to meet the physical and spiritual needs of the hungry, homeless, addicted, and poor by introducing them to Christ and helping them apply the Word of God to every area of their lives..

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