When Wayne came to the Springfield Rescue Mission, his story resonated with many people—

A series of events led to Wayne losing everything—his home, his family and his hope. He knew he was responsible for the disaster his life had become, and when he arrived at the Rescue Mission, he had reached his breaking point.

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“I was a workaholic,” Wayne says, and that intensity made him seem successful to most people. “But what they didn’t know was I had mental health problems: depression, anxiety, bipolar,” he shakes his head. And the two sides of his personality tore him apart . . .

“So I used alcohol to feel better,” he admits. “But it got to a point where that took over. It just goes to show what can happen to you at any time”—no matter who you are or what you’ve accomplished in the eyes of the world.

Soon, Wayne had nothing left: a broken man who came to us for a meal, for help, for hope.

Wayne’s story is all too common for those stepping through the doors of Springfield Rescue Mission. Whether they’ve faced a health crisis, job loss, an unforeseen disaster or an addiction that numbs the pain for a while, it’s all too clear that hunger, hurt and homelessness can happen to anyone. “I would have been dead if I hadn’t come here,” Wayne says.

But God had plans for him, and he’s finally received the healing necessary to stabilize his life—and start over again.

“This has been a good place for me,” Wayne says. “You’re here for me. You’ve clothed me, fed me, counseled me.” And he understands that, “All you want for me is to be truly successful.”

Today, he smiles as he considers the real life change in Christ made possible through this Rescue Mission and ministry you share with shattered people like him. “It’s never too late!” he says.

That’s because—with your support—Springfield Rescue Mission remains a refuge for everyone who comes through our doors. Together, we provide the wholesome meals, warm clothing, safe shelter, critical care, New Life Rehabilitation and spiritual guidance necessary for so many like Wayne.

And his transformation story is just one of hundreds made possible by gifts and prayers like yours. So thank you and blessings for your Christ-like compassion for those who need you most—who need you now!

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The goal of the Springfield Rescue Mission since 1892 is to meet the physical and spiritual needs of the hungry, homeless, addicted, and poor by introducing them to Christ and helping them apply the Word of God to every area of their lives..

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