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LBCI Basics in Biblical Counseling Conference

Lighthouse Biblical Counseling Institute Basics in Biblical Counseling Course

  • A 30-hour conference taking place over three weekends.
    • March 26-27; April 23-24; May 21-22, 2021
      • Fridays (3:30pm-8:30pm) – Saturdays (8:30am-3:30pm)
  • Location: 10 Mill Street in Springfield, MA. Gated parking lot, no charge to park.
  • We do not have a virtual option at this time.
  • For those pursuing ACBC Certification, this course fulfills the conference portion of phase one.
  • Standard of course completion:
    • Ideally, we hope to see you at all three weekends. Minimally, in-person attendance is required for at least two of the three weekends.
    • If a class is missed, contact Chaplain James to request the recorded audio.
      • For those pursuing ACBC Certification: LBCI takes the process seriously, and we do not want you to be short changed. If a class or multiple classes are missed, we ask that you listen to the audio and write a brief summary (one paragraph but no more than one page) about the class. All summaries need to be emailed to Chaplain James within one month of when the actual class took place in order to receive credit.
    • If more than one weekend (11 hours) is missed, this situation will be handled on a case-by-case basis by Chaplain James in the hope of a satisfactory completion of the course.
  • Registration for this event is required. This includes those who are not pursuing ACBC Certification.  Register online for the LBCI Conference here.
  • Registration fee (lunch and light refreshments are included):
    • Individual: $210
    • Married (register together): $370
    • Student (valid ID): $185
  • Please note that this does not constitute a donation according to 501 (C) 3 regulations.
  • Refund policy: Registration fee less 10% until two weeks prior to the event; thereafter, refunds are not available.
  • The deadline to register for the LBCI Conference is March 12, 2021
  • If paying by check, please call Chaplain James to register! (413) 732-0808 Ext. 151
  • Register online for the LBCI Conference here.

Below is a list of all of the classes (weekend/class are subject to change)

 Weekend 1

  • The Call of All Christians to Counsel
  • Qualifications of a Biblical Counselor
  • The Definition and Goal of Biblical Counseling
  • The Importance of the Gospel for Counseling
  • Gathering and Discerning Data
  • Establishing Involvement and Providing Hope
  • Providing Instruction and Giving Homework
  • Critical Analysis of Counseling
  • Survey of Counseling Theories
  • Progressive Sanctification 1 & 2

 Weekend 2

  • God’s Purpose for Marriage
  • The Roles of the Husband and Wife
  • Getting to Heart Issues
  • Biblical Sexuality
  • Communication
  • Goals of Parenting
  • Parental Instruction
  • Parental Disciplines
  • Spiritual Disciplines
  • Case study: Marriage

 Weekend 3

  • Fear and Worry
  • Guilt and Repentance
  • Depression
  • Anger
  • Forgiveness
  • Sexual Sin
  • Trials and Suffering
  • The Gospel and Mental Illness
  • Psychotropic Drugs and Biblical Counseling
  • Case study: Heart Issues