“This is all about life transformation!” —Don

The day the rest of Don’s life began, there was doubt he’d even survive until nightfall . . .

“I was downtown,” he recalls. “When the Springfield Rescue Mission food service coordinator, Damon, came with volunteers to give out something to eat and drink. They handed me a sandwich and a cup, which I tried to put up to my mouth and spilled, I was shaking so bad.

“I had to put it on a bench to hold it and bend down over it, I was so thirsty. I’ll never forget it,” Don says. “Then Damon said, ‘You need some help. Come on in. You can even help us out!”

Don recalls how empowering that felt. “I said, ‘I know how to cook!’ and Damon replied, ‘Come in Monday, get a bed, and we’ll work it from there.’”

Don did, and not a day too soon. “With no job, I was living on the street. It was horrifying.”

“It brings tears to my eyes. I grew up with brothers,” he nods. And through your prayers and support, we are his brothers and sisters now, united in the love of the Lord for “the least of these” (Matthew 25:40).

Don is giving back now, too, and says he sees others who were once in need just like him helping out at the holiday. “They tell me, ‘Oh, yes, they helped me!’ and I reply, ‘Really? That makes me glad I’m working with them.’ You see, this city looks at the Rescue Mission like it’s second to none. It has a beautiful reputation.”

And it’s all thanks to the commitment and care you express through your gifts and prayers. That’s the power YOU have to save lives!

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